Battlegroup Frontlines Patch Delayed

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Battlegroup Frontlines has announced their v1.1 patch has been delayed.

Today we are sorry to announce that our patch 1.1 has to be delayed, because of one main reason. Our coder in chief koricus is very taken with his job and cannot continue to work on the code right now.

But where there is a bad news there must always be a good news! Pacman, who originally only coded bot support for BGF helped out and worked on the unfinished code. It is not yet completeld and there are still some things to do, but we are happy to tell you that we will release an OPEN BETA 1.05 Patch very soon! This patch will feature many new things, such as new maps including botsupport or new german voices, but it also features a lot of gameplay changes with faster tanks and faster soldiers, for example.

We plan to release the patch very soon. Our next news might already be the release of 1.05

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