BattleGroup Frontlines - Trams for the Panzers.

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Those people over at BattleGroup have posted some info on their trams. Oh and theres something about a Panzer tank but onto the tram news.

Hello and welcome back for our today´s Battlegroup Frontlines update.

Today we like to show you something you cannot drive or shoot with, but what is very important for the atmosphere on a map.

In the destroyed city of Stalingrad it is important to get cover and so you can use the old tram for cover or as perfect hideout for snipers. The tram was modeled and textured by our all- rounder Godfather.

We hope you like our work. In our Dev- Diary you can have a first look at the tram ingame in the red- square ("Fallen- Fighter square") map for Stalingrad.

Furthermore we like to show you our PanzerIII M, modeled by Koricus and textured by Postman778. The PanzerIII M provides better protection against hollow charges with the turret and hull skirts and additional armor at the gun base and hull front for the driver and radio operator.

Hope to see you back again for the next Battlegroup- Frontlines Update.

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