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Hello, dear Battlegroup42 fans

We are sorry for keeping you waiting so long for news - but as you know, the longer you don´t hear anything from the BG42 team, the bigger the surprise will be in the end, just like now. Our next update 1.42 was actually planned to be just a small bugfixing update in the first place but has grown into a big version update and contains much new content for BG42.

Let us take a look at the ground forces first, the german troops to be precise. We managed to fill a real gap in our vehicle pool with our new Panzer 38(t). This medium tank was produced by the czechoslovakian Skoda Works and used intensively in the early years of the war by the german Wehrmacht, especially in the Battle of France. It was sturdy and reliable, had a good maneuverability and good armament for its time, a 37mm gun and two 7,92mm machine guns. But in 1942 its armor and firepower were no longer sufficient enough to satisfy the requirements of a tank, and it was withdrawn from the frontlines. Many 38(t) continued to stay on duty, used against Partisans and with garrison troops. Others were converted to self-propelled guns and tank destroyers.

The Panzer 38(t) was modeled and skinned by Koricus, further skin enhancements were done by Sarge Surfat and Sarge31FR. It was coded by Sarge31FR.

More of a cosmetic nature are two "additions" in the small arms section. First we´ve replaced the old DICE model with a nice new version of the Karabiner 98k, a model from Battlegroup Frontlines. And in the very last minute Dauntless came up with a reworked and new skinned M1 carbine for the US troops.

The soviet forces can also enjoy new equipment. The BM-8-24 rocket launcher, mounted on the chassis of a light T-40 tank, replaces the truck mounted BM-13 Katyusha on early Eastern Front maps since Studebaker trucks for the BM-13 launchers were only available to the soviets from early 1943 on. The BM-8 launcher uses smaller 82mm rockets with less explosive force than the 132mm rockets of the Katyusha, but is still a very deadly weapon!

A real gem is our new russian ZIS-5 truck which we´ve converted from our sister mod Battlegroup Frontlines. The beautiful modeled and skinned model replaces the Studebaker truck for the russian forces and is also available as a towing vehicle for the ZIS-2 at gun.

After the other nations the British and Americans also got their heavy artillery in Battlegroup42. The 6in 26cwt howitzer expands the british artillery arsenal. This heavy 155mm howitzer originated in World Wor I. Many of them were modernized in the late 30s and got rubber tires to increase their mobility. The piece was used in Northern Africa, Italy and Southeast Asia with some success, until it got replaced with more modern guns starting in 1943. Some of them saw the end of war though.

The model is from the Bf 1918 mod, the skin was altered by Sarge Surfat, new code and the new wheels were given to it by Sarge31FR. The Americans also got their big guns: The 155mm Long Tom, which was already introduced in version 1.4, got a major overhaul by Nimrod6 of the BGF team and is now a real piece of art. But that´s not all: Nimrod6 also created the bigger sister of the Long Tom, the 8inch howitzer. This mighty gun used the same carriage as the Long Tom. Both guns belonged to the army´s heavy artillery and were first used in 1942 in Tunisia. After that they were used on all battlefields where massive firepower with high ranges and precision was needed. Sometimes those guns were even used in the first line with direct fire to destroy bunkers.

Let us leave the dusty fields of battle and head out to sea. This is now more fun than before as we can present you two new vessels. The first one is our new carrier, the USS Essex. This enormous ship originates in the Battlefield Vietnam version of BG42, where it laid dormant and almost forgotten for years now. We took it into our dry dock and gave it a major overhaul. It was not only recoded to match the BG42 standards but also got brand new 5 inch dual purpose guns in new turrets which have been created by Cabrio.

Cabrio is also responsible for another fine addition: A Type B1 japanese submarine ! The big submarines were armed with six torpedo tubes, one 25mm AA gun on the rear of the conning tower and carried one Yokosuka E14Y seaplane which could be started via a catapult. Since we don´t have an E14Y we gave it a Nakajima A6M2-N "Rufe". The floater for it was donated to us by FH mod. Many thanks for that ! Talking about subs: We´ve decided to outfit every submarine in our mod with their correct deck guns if possible. The german VIIC makes the beginning, Bommel added the "77" gun from Bf 1918 to it. The gun looks very similar to the 88mm deck gun of german submarines in WW2, so we took it as a placeholder until a proper modelled "88" is available.

Let us take a look at the sky at last. There are also new planes available. Surely most important is the Fokker D.XXI which will be available to the dutch forces from 1.42 on. Although the small, maneuverable plane was inferior in firepower and speed to the german Messerschmitt when Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940, dutch pilots managed to shoot down many enemy planes, especially the slow and cumbersome Ju 52s which carried paratroopers to their dropzones. Even a number of german fighters were shot down by the Fokkers.

The Fokker model was kindly donated to us by the Finnwars mod team. It was re-exported for BG42 by Sarge31FR, recoded by Sarge Surfat and Sarge31FR and repainted by Sarge Surfat.

The next new toy is something many of our fans have waited for. Yes, I am speaking about the V1! Geronimo|Ger created this deadly rocket, and Bommel added the destroyable starting ramp for it. The player can enter the weapon, start it and guide it into its target. We placed the V1 only on the Antarctica map for now, but expect to meet her more often in the future!

The last new addition we want to show you is our overhauled Messerschmitt Bf 110. It got a new Africa skin from Sarge Surfat and Sarge31FR and there´s even a new version, a G-2 with exchanged armament, namely two 30mm autocannons in the nose, a ventral 37mm gun and a MG81Z for the rear gunner instead of the single MG15.

The patch 1.42 will be released soon and contain even more changes and new stuff. There are also two new maps in the patch. We will show you those in the release news for the patch.

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