BattleStar-75 - Mod Update

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Battlestar-75 has announced the release date of their mod will be next weekend. They also have the intro video available on YouTube for you to watch.
We had a last minute discovery that allows us to increase the map sizes of the 64 player maps by 4 times...This will allow us to include for EXAMPLE: 5 Cylon Bastars and 2 Battlestars and several other capital ships,all together in one map(with NO LAG) for more intense fighter combat.....So this being the case we have decided to push back the release to next weekend.....While we know this may upset some of you,we decided to offer up the intro video for the BSG-75 mod that includes the actual ingame models of the Battlestar Galactica,Cylon Basestar,and raiders...(Reminder:The intro video is still a work in progress)
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