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Hey its spartan again. I'm currently located at fort Gordon Georgia so iv been away out of the bf community for some time. any how i just wanted to say. ASSAULT MOD IS STILL ALIVE. and to celebrate that i have a few pictures and a new lengthy video to show for it.

Hey its just pv2 wong saying watsup? I got access to internet so its only a matter of time till i get some content up. Pics, expect some pics soon. sorry the week has been rough. My company is getting a new first sergeant so the NCO's been kinda on edge and extra sharp on the bite. Army life is good just stressful. Anyhow I'll get some pics today, maybe not something totally new but something to show ya that assault mods only been dormant not dead.

COURTESY OF EGGMAN AND WALLY JAS the individual 203 made by SATNAV and Wally jas (which wally said I could use) mated with the wonderful m1614 from project reality (permission granted from PR as a trade for letting them use the USMC skins i created n the past.

I HATED my old desert marpat so i made a new one. PR will probably get'em first again. Just gotta work with 'em a bit, after all I do live on a post with marines on it. In person their uniforms are very interesting to look at. Anyhow, they make fun of us when were in formation but thats besides the point

and off course those multicam skins iv been working on. yarg.

Two links. one at and one at youtube. Enjoy! Hope this gives ya something to put on that good old front page eh.

Youtube Link

ModDb Link

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