BF2 Assault Mod v7.53 Progress

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Published by Andron Taps 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Spartan117gw, the famous creator of the warthog for BF2 and BF2142, has given us some screenshots for his upcoming version 7.53 of the BF2 Assault Mod, enjoy :)

Progress continues on BF2 ASSAULT MOD. 7.53 in the works. -new animations -new maps -new sounds -new weapons -balance , bugs, and skins fixed

And a little somthing from cod4

New skins by jones! spush! rambo hunter! and spartan! New map STRIKE BY JONES!

- tweaked the ai to resupply, heal, and revive more often - the bots still pwn you. - NEW m4 tactical from BF COMMANDO MOD / hk416! work continues to solve dedicated server/online/mp bugs Read the rest...

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