BF2 Nuke

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[quote]First, I would like to thank Satnav for his beautiful work on this original file. What I have done was heavily remodify the nuke to make it bigger, stronger, brighter, etc. Worked on this nuke for a little while trying to make it somewhat interesting. Due to the limitations of the BF2 engine I couldn't go to far with the Size, etc. So this will be a small yield tactical nuke. Meant to take out a small radius on the map, still large though.
I will release the nuke itself, which is fired from artillery. Because it is fired from artillery, I modified 2 maps to only have 1 Artillery per team so that when it is fired only 1 nuke is fired. More then 1 nuke going off = missing particle effects which creates a very ugly nuke. With the permission of Satnav, (Since this is a remodified version of his nuke) I will release this file mainly for developers, or people planning on using it for their mods and whatnot. ~Sacr3~[/quote] This is an interesting mod. This allows you to use a nuke in-game via an artillery piece. From watching the video I would have to say that this would be bad against humans in some maps (i.e. Karkand) but would be GREAT for taking out massed bots. I can't wait to use this sometime!

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