BF2142: North American Answer

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Published by Angrybob 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Here we have an interesting piece of mod news, read up!

Finally a Mod killing of the question "What happened to North America?" That's right! Gothic_Punk thought and thought..."What happened to North America in BF2142?" So after some research he decided to make this mod.The name is still a Work in Progress but it's code name is [UAF] Mod.So without further a due, each week a Part of the story will be released.So stay tuned!

Description: -Factions will be named North Atlantic Coalition & American Association Rebellion -Maps will be of course in North America -Story: [Work In Progress] -Weapons: [Work in Progress] -Vehicles: All BF2142 Vehicles heavily modified

*NEW* BF2142 Main Menu Drivable Sea Vehicles *NEW*


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