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By Adrian Țepeș 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Battlefield: Heroes has posted the names of the 25 beta key winners, so be sure to check it out :) [quote]Hi everyone, The community majority [url="http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/poll/should-the-ladies-hand-out-beta-keys"]voted yes[/url]! Well, we found so many great forum names that we persuaded Goodman to let us choose 25, instead of the originally planned 15 winners. And still, it was quite a challenge to narrow our list down to only 25; we saw a lot of funny, cool, cute and interesting names! It took a while and we had some discussions (and fun) and we gave Goodman our list, which he has now posted on the forums. You will find the winners [url="http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/forum/battlefield-heroes/and-the-winners-are"]here[/url]. See you on the Battlefield! [b]- Ã…sa, Tina & Bernadet[/b] P.S. Thank you for all the compliments. /blush[/quote]

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