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This map looks awesome, this mod is definitely improving!

Release 2 will feature several new open-water naval combat maps and will also contain much larger assault ships armed to the teeth, such as the Brig previously announced. Supporting your team's fleet with fresh supplies of ammo, repair parts and additional crewmen will be critical for maintaining naval dominance instead of having ships retreat to friendly ports to restock.

To fill this tactical role, we present yet another ship into the mix called the Wherry - modelled, skinned and coded by 1/2Hawk. A wherry is a carvel planked, straight sterned cargo ship with a distinctive single gaff sail placed well forward of the ships centerline. It first appeared in Norfolk England and was also used in the Thames river to carry goods and ferry passengers from place to place, with a maximum payload of up to 25 tons. In Shakespeare's time, up to 2,000 of these ships could be found bringing folks into the theater district in Southwark. Later its use spread to North America where it became a particularly popular boat used for salmon fishing. Its very low profile hull made it easy to navigate the inlets and waterways of the Atlantic coastline.



In BFP2, the Wherry supports three tactical support roles. Within a short radius, pulling alongside a damaged ship will slowly start to repair it automatically. The cargo ship will also restock a friendly vessel with fresh ammunition at the same time. Finally, as long as a captain is in the Wherry, the ship can be selected as a mobile spawn point for any friendly teammate or squad member. The high flat deck covering provides a suitable platform to be able to jump over to an adjacent Brig, Cutter or other ship... and possibly onto the decks of an enemy vessel!

A Wherry captain can repair ships, restock ammo and respawn teammates, but cannot shoot his own cannons without crew

While larger and a little more sturdy than its smaller Runabout cousin, youd be best advised to steer clear should the ship catch fire as its hull is densely packed with black powder... thus, the Wherry has a nasty tendancy to blow clear out of the water and generate quite a powerful shockwave when destroyed. Insider's tip: This makes it a key target when engaging a larger enemy fleet, as not only will sinking it remove precious ammo and repair supplies - it may also create a fair amount of collateral damage.

BOOM! Steer clear of an exploding Wherry... we promise!

To defend itself, the Wherry packs a mean punch with twin fore-mounted 12lb cannons that need to be crew controlled. Although this gives it a distinct advantage over the larger Brigs and Cutters who have to pull up broadside to bring their cannons into play, the Wherry is all but defenseless from attacks at its sides or rear. Additional seating for passengers is provided up front for teammates to spawn in on.

This is the Pegleg Wherry, with a crew of three plus additional seating for in-spawning crewmates

This is the Undead Wherry, with twin fore-mounted 12lb cannons that pack a mean punch

The Wherry plays an important role on Wake Island 1707 to keep the Cutters and Brigs in working order


Sailors Warning is one of the new Naval class of maps, which can be freely mixed with Conquest and Capture the Flag maps in server rotation

One of the naval maps where the Wherry will debut is on a new map called Sailors Warning - created by 1/2Hawk. This extremely ominous map is dominated on one edge by a towering volcano spewing ash and noxious fumes into the early morning twilight.

An angry volcano spews red ashes into the morning twilight

Heated pyroclastic clouds rushing down the volcano smack into the cold sea producing thick plumes of smoke and steam that billow across the water, reducing visibility in some areas while also providing the perfect cover to stalk an unsuspecting enemy or to flee to a friendly tallship if you are badly damaged.

This Wherry slips thru steam clouds to hit the enemy fleet from the rear

The map's name is born from the old adage "Red at night, sailors delight... red in the morning, sailors warning". Its the inspiration for the distinctive coloring and lighting on the map, as created by the volcanic ash blurring out the morning sunrise.

The tallships provide some measure of protection for spawning fresh ships to join the frey

Boarding the enemy's tallship will surely cause tremendous chaos - so sneak up and toss yer grappling hook to gain access behind the lines

Fands of the band Thryce may also recognize a remake of one of their more popular tunes which Keelbasa has taken inspiration from when making custom music for this map. New music also appears on several other new maps as well!

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