Black Sand Studios - Update

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Black Sand Studios has a few announcements to make. [quote]Hello all! Things are moving right along within the mods here at BSS. With that in mind, we would like to announce some additions to the studio. Battlefield 40k, Fallen Times and Battleship have recently joined adding more talent to this fine group. Each has their own ideas and stories giving them some unique game play you will encounter while playing them when they release. With 2 other mods pending joining BSS, we feel we have reached our limit of mods within BSS for now. We would like to also tell everyone about the new BSS assisted mod section recently added to the forums. With some mods out there already using BSS content, this will allow us to communicate much better when assisting these mods and others. A specific user group was also made so things can stay behind the scenes. If you are one of the mods already assisted or would like some help, please post asking for access to this area, and we’ll get started getting things done. Keep an eye out for some great mods about to release their next public builds soon, can’t say which ones, but they’ll bring players back to the modding battlefield. Guedoe, USI Co Leader BSS Lead Coordinator / Public Relations[/quote]

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