Creators of Desert Combat Return to the Frontlines

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Published by Woolf 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Trauma Studios, creator of the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942, has become what is now known as Kaos Studios and will be working with THQ. Check it out, [quote]In September of 2004, Digital Illusions CE (DICE) purchased New York City-based Trauma Studios, makers of the popular Desert Combat mod for its World War II shooter Battlefield 1942. Over the next nine months, DICE put Trauma to work on Battlefield 2 and "a new PC game based on the Battlefield 2 engine." However, less than a week after Battlefield 2 went gold, DICE announced that it was shutting down Trauma and shorting the crew $200,000 of the originally agreed upon acquisition price of $500,000. Now, core members from the Battlefield-scarred Trauma Studios are back in the fight, with the backing of THQ. Tomorrow, the publisher will officially announce that is has created Kaos Studios, a new development studio headed up by Trauma expatriates who are once again working together in New York City. The group's first project, due in 2007, is based on a new intellectual property and is scheduled for release on the PC as well as next-generation consoles.[/quote] GameSpot also had the chance to ask the team a few questions. [quote]GameSpot: What's the THQ checklist for considering a purchase of a development studio? Dan Kelly: Well, I don't know that there's a formal checklist. We saw a very interesting idea for a new piece of original IP that we felt would be meaningful to gamers. Second, we saw a really strong core team from which a strong development team could be built. And thirdly, we saw that they were committed to a geographic market, New York City, where we felt had potential strategic advantages to THQ. New York is a quality pool of talent. GS: How did this deal move so quickly? Frank DeLise: After my split, I decided to figure out what I wanted to do next, and what was something I really wanted to do as a game developer and what people wanted to play. I've always been looking around [the forums] and reading what people think about our games. Late last year, I started coming up with a new idea of what I really wanted to do. So, through my agent, I started looking around for whom I would take this idea to. We ended up with THQ because they were the best publisher out there for fostering new ideas. And they allowed me to keep my core team of people that I like working with together. That was a huge plus.[/quote] You can check out the full article and more at [url=""]GameSpot[/url].
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