Looking Back On Battlefield 2

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Published by lsmaster 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago has posted an interview looking back on the Battlefield Series. Interview held with Lars Gustavsson, from Digital Illusions.
Looking Back.....Battlefield 2 29-Sep-2006 " have its reputation tainted with bugs was upsetting" - Lars Gustavsson, Digital Illusions It seems so obvious now that the sequel to Battlefield 1942 would set itself in the here-and-now of contemporary military conflict. Less obvious is how well the game would again lead the way, further honing the balance of man and machine with regard to war, and introducing a concept of character persistence that in BF2142 is about to reach a level more characteristic of your typical MMO. In no small part, Lars Gustavsson deserves some credit. He's been around since the early days of Codename: Eagle, produced Battlefield 1942 and was the lead designer during the making of Battlefield 2. He must have done something right because he's still in the job, now as the creative director for the Battlefield franchise... MODERN COMBAT Gustavsson: When we were done with Battlefield 1942, we looked at a number of options; whether we would remain with the WWII era, go Cold War or even try Vietnam - this was before we even started making Battlefield Vietnam. We could probably make games about WWII forever - people don't seem to tire of it, but as a developer you want to create something that you're interested in, which means trying to bring some novelty into it. So we always kept an eye on contemporary warfare. I guess what made us hesitate to begin with, was if we were to go there, we'd want to go all the way, with wire-guided missiles and all that - and we knew that to do all that would be a challenge. But in the end, after Battlefield Vietnam, we decided to go for it since it was something we all wanted to do.
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