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Very nice, time to get back into Forgotten Hope!

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. This week we have a rather special update, because not only do we have a releasedate for patch 2.15, we also want to show off the last of the 2.15 content you haven't seen yet! Earlier this week we finished our first 2.15 release candidate. Although it did contain some bugs, we are confident we can iron them all out this week and have our long awaited patch ready to be released on...

Friday the 5th of December, 2008 at 1900UTC

The usual passworded torrent and serverfiles will be available on Wednesday the 3rd.

One of the earliest maps planned for the Forgotten Hope 2 North African theater of war was The Fall of Tobruk. A map about the German capture of the city on June 21st, 1942. Many statics were made especially for this map, but unfortunately it could not be finished in time for the 2.0 or the 2.1 release. This week however, the map was finally finished and because it is a map we have all been looking forward to seeing in FH2 for nearly two years, we have made a special teaser trailer to show it off. The Fall of Tobruk was made by Lili Marlene, Fenring and Lobo and the unique statics, which are not used on any other map were made by Toddel, Malsa, Lobo, Smig and Digital Assassin. The Tobruk Teaser Trailer was made by Bob Sacamano.

In 1941 the Australians had held Tobruk for 9 months, until Rommel’s withdrawal to the west. That winter, the Middle East Command in Cairo had decided that without naval support it would be impossible for the Tobruk fortress ever to be held in isolation. At length, a compromise was reached. Tobruk was to be temporarily invested while a new strike force was built up near the frontier. The main part of the garrison was to be formed by the 2nd South African Division. Rommel’s zero hour was 05h20 on 20 June 1942. As the first rays of sunlight began to creep over the desert, the long black lines of tanks, trucks and infantry slowly started to move forward. By dawn on the 21st of June, Tobruk was a pile of ruins.

The Fall of Tobruk is definately the map in Forgotten Hope 2 that has had the most work done on it. As already mentioned above, it was one of the first maps planned for Forgotten Hope 2. The first unique static for this map was added to the build in June 2006. Now, 18 months later, this map has nearly 100 unique statics that were especially made for this map.

There are two more things we would like to show today. The first is the Geballte Ladung, made by Rad and Toddel and the second is another oldie; the Panzer III Ausf. N. This tank was actually the first tank in Forgotten Hope 2, but since we had no maps to put it on in 2.0 it was ignored. Then in 2.1 came the map Mareth Line, where the Panzer III Ausf. N could be used, but unfortunately the code was not up to date. In 2.15, this tank will be protecting the Tiger from enemy infantry on Mareth Line. The Panzer III Ausf. N was made by Rad and re-exported and re-coded by Gunnie.

That's all for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another update. Until then, feel free to visit our IRC channel and our public forums to discuss this update and other news.

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