Forgotten Hope 2 - M3 Grease Gun and Sahariana

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Includes information on the "Grease Gun" and a new vehicle with an AA cannon on top.

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. This week we have a render of an American sub machinegun and in game screenshots of an Italian vehicle you might remember from Forgotten Hope 0.7. Finally, we will end today's update with a message from the World At War tournament about the start of their latest compaign.

Before we go on to the pictures we would first like to welcome German Bratwurst to our development team. As a beta tester German Bratwurst has already added many sounds to the current versions of Forgotten Hope 2 and this week we have finally decided to officially add him to our staff list. Welcome!

First up today then is the American M3 sub machinegun, also known as the 'Grease Gun', made by Seth Soldier.

The M3 Grease Gun was, much like the British Sten, designed as a simpler, cheaper replacement for the Thompson sub machinegun. It used the same .45 caliber round as the Thompson, but it could easily be converted to use 9mm rounds, as used in the Sten and MP40. Despite it being cheap to manufacture, it was a generally reliable weapon and thanks to its low rate of fire it was easy to control. The M3 has a rate of fire of 400 rounds per minute, while other sub machineguns had much higher rates. The sten and MP40 have 500 RPM and the M1 Thompson 650 RPM. At the end of World War 2 600,000 Grease Guns (both M3 and M3A1) were made.

Next up is the Italian Sahariana, armed with two Breda 37 machineguns and a 20mm Solothurn 18 anti-tank rifle. This vehicle was modeled for Forgotten Hope 0.7 by Montoya and upgraded to Forgotten Hope 2 standards and coded by Jodonnell, Gunnie, Ctz and Rad. You will be able to find this vehicle on the map Mareth Line in Forgotten Hope 2.15.

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