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Published by lsmaster 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
As promised, you get your Forgotten Hope 2 review. It is all here, all answers. Your questions about their mod. Here is a two questions from the 'General GamePlay' section
    • What new game modes (if any will you be coming out with) It is a little early to describe special game-modes--we are currently concentrating on developing a base of weapons, vehicles, statics, maps, sounds and code, as we want to get a solid, playable release into the hands of the players as soon as we can. For this reason, it is not likely that our first release will have many unusual game modes. This does not mean thta none are in development, just that they are not a priority for our first release. • How WILL the unlock system work? We are not interested in having point-based weapon unlocks, both because we don't want to disadvantage players for being new to the mod, and also because different armies do not all have multiple alternatives for every weapon type, especially without placing weapons on maps that happened before those weapons were ever used. We definitely want to avoid this kind of anachronism.
Like what you see? Full Interview I would like to thank Forgotten Hope 2 for all the interview answers.
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