Highway Tampa Interview

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EA has posted a interview they did with the creator of the Highway Tampa Map.
The Highway Tampa beta for Battlefield 2 is now out and the sound of exploding tank shells is echoing across Battlefield 2 servers worldwide. We caught up with map designer Björn Sundell to talk about the creation of this tank-fest of a map. First of all, how did you get into mapping? Strictly speaking it all started off with designing D&D campaigns as our regular group dungeon master when I was young. It's like an analogue version of map and game design but was still really useful starting experience. I then moved on to making maps for all kinds of first person shooters. I didn't release any of these maps publicly though. When Battlefield 1942 was released I finally started releasing maps to the community. Since there were many pre-made models it was possible to more quickly lend a professional look to your maps without having to spend months on every single small detail. My first map was Battle of Ihantala which was loosely based on the largest WW2 battle fought in Finland. It was played on Clanbase and Nordic competition ladders, I then showed it to DICE when I applied to work here. The rest, as they say, is history. I still make maps in my spare time too. Sometimes an idea will pop into my head and I just can't help but make it in my own time, even though I spend all day creating levels as well. Onto your most recent creation then, Tampa Highway. You didn't actually work on Tampa Highway from the beginning did you? No, Nicklas Åstrand started it off, however he has moved onto another project here at DICE now. He made Mashtuur City for Battlefield 2, Suez Canal and Tunis Harbour for 2142 and Liberation of Leipzig for Northern Strike.Read The Rest Here
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