Interstate Nitro Open Beta 2

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So its there already... Probably a bit late, but anyways..

Here is the next Open Beta build... It has so many changes since the previous version instead of calling it a patch, its a full version'ed build, called DEUX, OB2, Open Beta 2 or whatever..

Whats new since the previous build? lots of changes to AI! What? AI, yeah, we added bot support to all battle maps ;)

And since the last internal test we made them a lot deadlier.

- Windshields are now bulletproof - Armament is rearranged for all the cars, speed and handling changed too. - And a bit more, but not mentionable here.

Link? Its 301,57 MB.

On another hand... while you download, if you have some practice with making movies, how about you making our official trailer that will be the loading film in the modification? If you want to help us making this, please let me know via a PM.

If you want to host a server with ISNitro, you can send me a PM asking for access to the server files, its currently not possible to play anything other than Singleplayer on your local PC since we have not included the necessary server files for this.

Still don't get out of the car ;) for more info and updates The Interstate Nitro Developer Team Tarmac Studios Ltd

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