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Published by Andron Taps 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


This is a new mod from Price of Liberty that continues the storyline of BF2, please read and leave your comments below:)

Hello here ! I would like to show you a new mod, that is currently in alpha stage.

logowa3.png2016. After many years of fighting, the MEC has been defeated. However, the USA wants more. While the US is getting ready to attack the MEC's old allies, China and Russia, Russian army with the help of the PLA attacks Europe, wanting to annex it into a new empire. The US comes to Europe's rescue, and huge battles destroy much of Eastern Europe, killing many people. This is the Price of the Liberty.

The aim of this mod is to continue the Battlefield 2 story, and to change some parts of it without completely redoing the gameplay. Of course we want to make it playable in Singleplayer, in order to allow you to kill bot legions :D The mod is still very young, but we have already created some weapons. I hope you'll have fun with them soon


Here's the devteam. There aren't very many right now. - Silverballer : 3D modeler - Terencedu5733 : 3D modeler - Joledingue : Lead skinner, currently learning 3D - Pmaxie : Mapper - Bestrider : Exports, 3D modeler - Milleuros : Lead tweaker, AI tweaker - Master43 : learning exports

This devteam only asks for one thing : To become bigger. And it need to. If you think you can help us, and if you know French (Basic), don't hesitate to volunteer ;) Here's our website (which will be reworked when we have time) :

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for incoming news !

Price of Liberty devteam

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