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Sorry this news is late. Seems all of the BF2 files staff had system problems around the same time But here it is. The Off World Fall of Mars mod posted some news recently on their mod

First of all we would like to say sorry of the last few days down time. The problem has been fixed.

Even though we recently released our first "real" version of Offworld, we are still working on a lot of stuff for you to play with in the next big release.

Here are some WIP (work in progress) shots of some of the stuff.

Some new static enviroment for new colony maps.

And here is a shot of the hull of a marine heavy AA vehicle.

Some of stuff you are familiar with from the first release is getting reworked and updated.

Here is an example, the marines Hawk seen here getting a new base metal/composite armor texture. It will get a paint job afterwards.

One of the old maps are getting a big overhaul. New scenario, layout and mission

A whole new map is also in the works.

For more info and to see more stuff we are working on - check out the forum and feel free to give us our ideas and feedback so we can make it even better

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