Operation Peacekeeper - A Little Wiesel With A Big Gun

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The Operation Peacekeeper boys have released some details on thier new Anti everything vehicle.

Right after this nail-biting Sunday evening we just continue with joyful and exciting news. We want to present the small and agile Wiesel. With its 20mm Machinegun the Wiesel is able to fire AP (Armor-Piercing) anf HE (High Explosive) Ammo. The AP shell is best used against hard targets like tanks while the HE shell is normally used against soft targets for exaple Infantry or unarmored vehicles.

Like in reality the pivoting range of the MK20 is restricted and cannot be turned around its own axle. Since the Wiesel has only one seat, it will not play the transporter's role ingame. Instead it will provide supporting fire. Despite its little size the enemy tank drivers and Infantrymen should not underestimate the Wiesel. The AP-shell is a very powerful weapon against tanks and the Infantrymen are not safe in their dugouts or behing corners anymore.

Beside the following screenshots Peacecamper has found the time to make a small Video by the help of Neander and Schuldi. The Video will show the Wiesel in different situations.

For addictional info on this new toy, visit here. BTW if anyone is wondering the music track, its Maniac from their soundtrack which can be grabbed from here

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