Operation Peacekeeper - Fire In The Hole!

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Operation Peacekeeper have thrown our way some info on their "Tactical equipment".

After a short period Turk3y blesses us with fresh hand grenades. This time we have even three of them coming up: the M18 smoke grenade, the M7A3 CS gas grenade and the M14 phosphorus grenade.

These tactical tools will clean the way to your goal on the battlefield. Of course, you can not lable the phosphorus grenade as a tactical tool as it causes burns to infantry and damages or even destroys vehicles due to its high-temperature combustion.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring the CS gas grenade and the phosphorus grenade into action against our worst enemies in the upcoming release, but the smoke grenade will properly cover your enemies sight by a smoke screen, hopefully bringing you a decisive advantage... But enough talk, here are the first renders:

This "toy" was modelled by SirCommandant and Turk3y had a tough time of it with the skin. Tass created the code while SirCommandant was also responsible for the effects of the phosphorus grenade. At the end we will give you some technical informations about the smoke grenade:

Body: sheet steel with 4 outlets on the top and 1 outlet at the bottom Filler: approx. 325 gramms of colored smoke mixture Weight: approx. 540 gramms Ignition delay: 1.2 to 2 seconds Duration of smokescreen: 90 seconds max. Throwing distance: approx. 35 meters

We hope that you liked this update. The release will be coming very soon and we are working our asses off completing the final version. See any additional news here

Now I can't wait to get my hands on those phosphorus grenade's just to set stuff on fire.

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