Operation Peacekeeper - Fuchs?

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Operation Peacekeeper have given us some news on their Fuchs

Our Transporttank "Fuchs" returns to the battlefield. Special thanks go to the BW-Mod with whom we have made many wonderful models hand in hand. On their Website you'll find the same modell ingame for ArmA.

We have taken us a bit freedom. Although he uses the KFOR typical additional armor, we will let him swim in the sea. Another idea was to put a mobile Spawnpoint in him and we are working on the code with full force.

Technical data: engine displacement: 12.763 cm³ power: 235 kW (320 PS) drive propulsion system: all-wheel-drive, screw in the water length: 6.880 mm width: 2.980 mm height: 2.300 mm chassis clearance: 406 mm weight: 16.500 kg max. speed: 96 km/h (street), 10 km/h (water), ca. 3 km/h EloKa (water) Weaponry: max 3x7,62-mm-MG3 or two 7,62-mm-MG3 and one MILAN- or TOW-Rocketlauncher, extra equipment with a "MK-tower" (machine-canon) is possible crew: 2 + max 8 according to equipment

enough words until now let the pictures speak:

We hope to be able to give you some ingame pics in the next time.

Go visit their site and give them your support by clicking Here

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