Operation Peacekeeper - Huds for you.

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Those soldiers over at Operation Peacekeeper have gone into overdrive this week posting up some more news for us. Take a look.

Today we want to present you the new HUDs which will ease aiming and shooting in the next Version.

The Co-Pilot of the Tiger got a new sight for the PARS Rockets, which exactly conforms to the original HUD. A Video of a Tiger Presentations served as a reference to us. The optical sights of the Wiesel MK20 and the Fennek were made according to reference pictures, too. Furthermore the choppers Bo-105PAH and the SA341H Gazelle got a new HUD for their Co-Pilots which is similar to the real HUD.

Here are the pictures now: Tiger Co-Pilot (DaWallace) tiger_1_s.jpgtiger_2_s.jpg

Bo-105 Co-Pilot (DaWallace) bo105_1_s.jpgbo105_2_s.jpg

Wiesel MK20 (DaWallace) wiesel_1_s.jpgwiesel_2_s.jpg

Fennek Camera (Jonathan) fennek_1_s.jpgfennek_2_s.jpg

We hope that this small Update gave you a deeper insight into the content of the 0.25 Version. Your OPK-Team

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As for the full sized pictures, try to work out what hud goes with what thumbnail. Or cheat and see the site.

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