Operation Peacekeeper - Lets Talk Fenneks & The Sound Of Music.

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Operation Peacekeeper recently decided to talk about a vehicle in the game called a Fennek.

As you will have noticed, the quantity of news releases became more frequent in the last days. Like always, this is an indication that the release is coming closer. But, before we let loose the new version to you, we wanted to show you a few more things. For this reason we will come now to the in-game show of the Fennek.

Like introduced with predecessing Fennek-news, this vehicle will be armed with either a MG3 machine gun or a grenade machine gun (GMW 40mm x 53). By its ability to rotate and to lift the sensor head of the observation and reconnaissance accoutrement, the Fennek is perfectly fitted for intelligence rides. The pictures of this news were taken on two maps which will be included in the next release. One is overworked and one is new.

Operation Peacekeeper also decided to release a bit of music for us to listen to.

To ease the wait until the next release, DaWallace made a record of OPK songs, like he already announced in the developers diary. Along with this, there will be images for a CD cover, which will wrap the 12 songs stilishly. The album 'The Sound of Operation Peacekeeper' from DaWallace is now available for download at several mirrors:

You can download that soundtrack from Here Which I recommend as it also comes with cd covers and sounds amazing ( im listening to it as I'm doing this)

To see the news in full click Here

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