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Sorry this is late. I've been playing to much Battlefield 2, anyway those Operation Peacekeeper boys have done a huge surprise and let loose the latest version of their mod. Good news is you can go out and download it now, bad news is you can't play it here's why.

The time has come - the much longed for Version 0.25 of Operation Peacekeeper is ready to launch! The client files are available as a torrent download and for all the server admins out there we also release the server files.

Unlike the server download the torrent is protected by a password. This password will be revealed with the upcoming official release.

Here are just some of the changes to the mod.

Maps, new stuff and changes

New maps: - Dayshift

- Osicje Valley

Map changes: - Airfield Assault (flagtimings, spawn points; Wiesel MK 20, BO 105, Gazellaand Transall added)

- Blockade Policy (second runway for German aircrafts)

- Bogovina (spawn points, statics and vehicles; Fennek, BO 105, Gazella and Fennek added

- Border Control (flags, flagtimings, vehicles and spawn points; BO 105, Gazella and Fennek added)

- Borders Infiltration (flags, vehicles and deadzone)

- Red on Eleven (flags, vehicles and spawn points)

New weapons:

- MG4 (red dot)

- LMG72 (ironsight)

- New smoke grenade

- New flash-bang grenade

New vehicles:

- Fennek MG3

- Fennek GMG

- Wiesel MK20

- Volkswagen T1 Van

- Volkswagen T1 Van custom (very special skin)

- Ridable forklift with blue skin (yellow skinned forklifts only statics as already known)

New helicopters:

- Gazella

- BO 105

New aircrafts: - Added fully automatic C-160 Transall as mobile parajump spawn point on Airfield Assault

Stationary weapons: - Milan

- Bumbar

Additionally we want to present you the new map Osicje Valley which will be content of the 0.25 release. The map is mainly made for tank-fights. But the airstripe in the middle of the map will be a crucial point, because there is a Anti-tank chopper waiting for a skilled pilot. But enough for now. As you know pictures say more than thousands words:

You can grab the mod "Here"

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