Operation Peacekeeper v0.27 Hotfix Released

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Published by Andron Taps 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Operation Peacekeeper has released a new update for their last mod that fixes some of the bugs, so check out the download link below and enjoy :).

As a start we'd like to wish you a merry Christmas and hope to have you stay playing our mod! On the 22nd of December 2004 the first version of OPK was finished and ready to be played. This year we managed to build up a (little) Version. In Addition to this we will give you some details.

Today you get the little Hotfix: OPK 0.27 A review on the year 2008:

We did small, nice steps and due to that haven't come forward as much as we wanted to.The last releases till 0.26 brought new maps, new weapons and new vehicles. The feedback was completely positive except for some little negative critics. We are working to terminate these negative points such as the cockpits.The main problem concerning cockpits is, that they are taking much ressources from our team and we need these for different things. As you can see, the Fennek already got its cockpit: It's going forward! The 0.27 is a hotfix to take out some little but ugly bugs that managed to sneak into release 0.26. Read the rest...


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