PMods Interviews Eve of Destruction

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Published by lsmaster 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Recently PMods interviews the Eve of Destruction mod team. Take a look at this.
[Pmods]Wraxe : Hi everyone, first of all, thank you for accepting to go through this interview ! How about, for a good start, you introduce yourself and your function in the team ? [EoD]Spicy : Hi, I am Icy-Spicy, and I am the lead modeler of EoD [EoD]taichi : Hi, I'm taichi, mapper and musician for EoD. [Pmods]Wraxe : Has the team considerably evolved since period BF42 ? [EoD]taichi : Yes, there's only a few core members who have worked on the mod from the bf42 days, I've only been here for bf2, so I don't know much about the way things worked in the 42 days. [Pmods]Necro : Has the number of team members risen up ? [EoD]Spicy : Yeah, the team has grown with about 10 to 15 members as far as I know. [EoD]taichi : That sounds about right. [Pmods]Wraxe : And, do you think that you've got enough talents for a BF2 mod ? [EoD]Spicy : Oh yeah, the few members who are actually active at the time are very talented but just lazy sometimes [EoD]taichi : I think that the progression from a bf42 mod to a BF2 mod, is one that requires few changes in the way the mod is made, this version will be more ambitious in gameplay areas we hope than its predecessors. Things like knowing good gameplay aren't really changed engine to engine.
See the full interview.
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