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Great looking map by the PoE team.

[quote]Welcome to another PoE2 news update. We are happy to announce that we are in Release Client testing for our next version of PoE2. Stay tuned to our news page for more info on when we will be releasing along with showcasing more of the things you can expect in PoE2 2.5.

First off to show today is a new map named Kharkiv by Greasy Mullet. This is an urban map that features the US Military taking on the Ukraine defenders in the city, which will primarily be about infantry tactics. The map got a nice lightmap polish by Jilted when he did the lighting in 3Dmax. This map will ship with AI straight out of the box so you single player/coop fans will be able to enjoy it.

Speaking of Single Player, in our current public release we have 16 maps with single player. Dorayacoop and Cold Fussion have been hard at work on our coming patch, we will have 7 more maps getting single player updates, 2 of which are brand new maps. The older maps getting updates include Olesko Keep, Pripyat, Op Sabre, Lutsk, and Guardian whilst the new maps shipping with Single Player are Matador and Kharkiv.

Dr. Destructo has been hard at work blowing things up and making more destructible environments for us to use. In our next news, we will be showing off more of Dr. Destructo’s new map and all the explosive things he has made for us. Here is a sneak peak for the moment!

We also wanted to bring to the attention of our fans that two of our Devs that handled the stats program for PoE2 have moved on to greener pastures in their real lives. We wish them all he best for the future but that also means that PoE will no longer be supporting stats tracking for our mod on BF2.

Thats all for now, POE Team signing off...[quote]

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