PoE News Update #124

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First up is a new map by Ga_Knomboe_Boy called "Operation Last Castle". The map features an entrenched Ukraine team on a hill as the Allies must make their way to the fortress through urban areas, forest areas and then close quarters battle at the top.

As some fans noticed in a previous PoE2 update, our Abrams had a little icon indicating a 3rd round type for them. We actually have 2 new round types for the Abrams that ColdFusion. Dfast, and Prozac have all been working on.

First we have the fan suggested Canister round which will be standard on all Abrams in the mod. The Canister Round fires a shotgun shell like blast to decimate light vehicles and infantry.

Our other round is the XM1111 which is a missile that the Abrams can fire. The missile locks on to other ground vehicles to deliver a nasty punch but like the T55, this version of the Abrams will be more rare on the battlefield.

In addition to these new rounds, Prozac has been hard at work making new effects for our tanks as they fire, including new effects for the 2 new Abrams round types. He also has made some new impact effects for the Anti Material rifles!

Here is a video to showcase the new tank rounds, new effects, and more on the upcoming map Matador!

**It has come to our attention that maps included in our Fan Mappack, specifically Frost Village and Wintershield by Outlaw, contain heightmaps that are the property of the Desert Conflict Team. We appreciate the hard work that goes into creating art for a game and had no intention to claim the work as our own. We would like to thank the Desert Conflict team for their understanding in this matter and for allowing our community to continue to enjoy these maps.**

That is all for this week but stay tuned for more information on the next release of PoE2.

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