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It seems a busy month for mod releases, first Operation Peacekeeper now Point of Existence has announced it will release its mod. Lets take a look at whats going to be in it.

Welcome back to another POE news update! As we mentioned in our last news, we've been testing the next release client for PoE2 and testing has gone extremely well. After getting the Testers seal of approval, we are pleased to announce the next release of PoE2 will be on Friday July 25th! This version will be labelled 2.5 We will be releasing the server files on Wednesday July 23rd so you have plenty of time to set up your boxes ready for Fridays' client release.

Hundreds of man-hours of hard work have gone into making this release one of our best yet. The contents of our change log for this version give a brief overview of what you can expect in 2.5. Click the image below to see what we've been up to.

One of the new features to see in this release is the introduction of more destructible statics thanks to the hard work of Dr. Destructo. Many of the new maps feature his destructible static’s but Melitopol Depot stands out as most of the map is made up of the good Dr.’s destructible environments. Don't blow everything up at once. wink.gif

FBmantis has put together a review of one of our maps that has undergone a facelift in 2.5, SnakeEyes. I encourage you to take a look at his take on what we have done to refine the gameplay on this gritty map.

Snake Eyes 2.5 Preview

Thats all for today, stay tuned on Wednesday for our Server Files release and on Friday for our Client release. POE Team, signing off...

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