Point Of Existence - Release today.

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Busy week this week. Forgotten hope did another weapon update. Battlegroup Frontlines did a patch update and to round it all off. Point Of Existence is out. Lets take a look what they said about it.

Welcome back to our 128th news posting and the release of our 2.5 client files.

We have been hard at work since last winter creating new content, polishing old content and generally making a better game for you to enjoy. We are pleased to announce that we feel that work has gotten to a point where we can invite you to try it out. Our release comes in a patch version for those already playing 2.1 We are also releasing a two part, 2.4 gigabyte full client version of the mod. In the past we have tried to package the installer into a single massive download. We feel that a two download, two installer version will allow us greater flexibility when dealing with the errors associated with downloading large files. We hope you will agree.

We hope to see you on the battlefield this weekend and in the coming months. Thats all for now, POE Team signing off..

Head along to the Point of Existence site or cheat and click this handy "Text Link" Hope I get the chance to shoot some of you on it.

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