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Published by Andron Taps 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Looks like we have some updates from the dev team of Project Reality: they would like us to know that they are currently finishing up their latest update, so be sure to be on the lookout for it if your a fan of this mod :).

We are currently wrapping up work on Project Reality v0.85, and have what you've all been waiting for; a release date! Project Reality v0.85 will be released on Friday the 23rd of January, 2009. The Project Reality Team has been hard at work over the last few months, as you can see by the various dev journals that have been posted, to bring you this completely new version. 0.85 includes numerous gameplay changes, weapons, vehicles and maps which we hope will make your current realistic combat experiences on the Battlefield 2 engine even better!

Mod of the Year 2008 Phase 2 Voting It's that time of year once again, when players vote for their favourite mods in the annual Mod of The Year (MOTY) competition over at As many of you are aware, Project Reality has made it into 2nd place 2 years running. We are hoping that, with your help, PR will be able to break the cycle this year and finally claim the title of MOTY 2008. We have made it into the top 100 mods, and now Phase 2 of the voting has started; this is where YOUR vote really matters to us. We ask that you vote for your favourite mod(s) from across the board. If you think Project Reality deserves your vote and deserves the MOTY award, we would very much appreciate your participation. Every vote counts - registering is free, quick and easy. Winning the MOTY award is definitely something we have been aiming towards for the past 2 years, as it gives the whole team a tremendous sense of accomplishment and a huge boost to our motivation level in continuing the project. For more information on MOTY and how to vote, click HERE.

British Army's AAC Lynx AH-7 The Lynx AH-7 is the fastest rotary aircraft in the world, and one of the many new assets for you to play with in v0.85. The Lynx will act as the Light Transport Helicopter for the British, much like the MH-6 Littlebird for the US Army. The Lynx can fit an entire 6 man squad in the back, plus pilot, and can transport them at fast speeds across the battlefield. Credits go to [R-DEV]foul_killer & Wybl for the model, [R-DEV]Pride for the textures and [R-DEV]TrahnLee for exporting and coding.

New Maps in Project Reality v0.85 Like with every release of PR, the most anticipated additions are new battlefields to fight on, and in PR v0.85 we have spared no expenses. There are four brand new maps made exclusively for Project Reality with v0.85 gameplay in mind. In addition, most current maps have received updates and overhauls, with bug fixes and various improvements to improve gameplay.

- Asad Khal British Forces v. MEC Map By: [R-DEV]Deer This map features a rural middle eastern landscape with open fields and old village buildings. An AAS infantry battle between the British and MEC forces with four main objectives. For more information and screenshots, click here.

- Fallujah West USMC with US Army Support v. Insurgents By: [R-DEV]duckhunt Created by [R-DEV]duckhunt, with lightmapping and bugfixing by [R-DEV]Rhino while duckhunt was away on tour in Afghanistan with the Royal Marine Commandos, Fallujah West gives a whole new meaning to urban warfare in Project Reality. This map is very compelling at capturing the environment of the recent conflicts in Iraq. Fallujah makes full use of the insurgency game mode with Insurgents defending Ammo Caches in many hidden locations inside buildings, compounds and underground bunkers, along with being able to setup ambushes for advancing USMC troops (with US Army Bradley support). For more information and screenshots of this map, click here.

- Karbala US Army v. Insurgents By: [R-DEV]~KILL~Pirate More Iraq-themed urban combat which hopes to offer tight CQB fire fights in a hostile city, one of the major strongholds of the Iraqi Insurgent forces. For more information and screenshots of this map, click here.

- Kozelsk Russian Forces v. Militia By: [R-DEV]Deer Kozelsk offers some incredibly detailed woodland combat, mixed with Russian-style missile bases. This map features the new Russian Forces, who are attempting to secure an abandoned missile silo in a remote forested region. This region was recently overrun by Chechen Rebels, and the mighty Russian Army is rolling in with it's heavy armour and APCs. The Chechen Rebels will need to rely on defensive choke points - kitted out with ZiS-3 Anti-Tank Field Cannons. For more information and screenshots of this map, click here.

We hope to see many of you on the battlefield with us this coming weekend playing PR v0.85. Keep your eyes on the forums for more information on v0.85 and it's impending release!

- The Project Reality Team

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