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Project Reality developer Rhino announced Muttrah City v2.0; a map which was in development for over a year. It will be available in the upcoming release of v0.8.

Here it is guys, finally after over a years work, here is Muttrah City v2.0!

For thous of you who never played the first Muttrah City in the early versions of PR, the map focuses on a Amphibious Air Assault via the USMC on the Capital of Oman, Muttrah City. The MEC are well dug into the city and it will take lots of street to street, hard urban combat to push them out and fully gain control While the MEC on the other hand, providing they can keep on there feet and shoot down the incoming choppers, can push the USMC right back into the sea.

Now I will say there was more I wanted to do with this map, and although yes this is finished for v0.8, I do plan on working on this map more for v0.85 and later to add the detail and things I wanted to but due to deadlines I could not do everything I wanted here. Never the less, the map is still VERY playable as seen in stress testing, loads of fun and dose not feel "unfinished" for the most part.

Enjoy, question and feedback are also welcome! Read the rest here.

A few of the many fabulous screenshots are below, view and read more here.

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