Project Reality v0.85 Features Update

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Published by Andron Taps 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Good news everyone: Project Reality has released a big new update, and they have included a manual which can be downloaded below :).

With the upcoming release date (Friday 23rd) drawing nearer, we feel that now is a good time to release some info about the features of Project Reality v0.85.

Project Reality v0.85 Manual As with with every release of Project Reality, [R-DEV]Spearhead has put together a detailed PDF Manual explaining all the new, and old, game play changes to accommodate both beginner and veteran players. This should make for some good reading material while you wait for your download to finish

Taliban Faction In v0.85, the Taliban will take over from the Insurgents on all of our Afghanistan based maps. Gameplay wise, the Taliban will be similar to the Insurgents but with certain aspects of "PR Conventionalism". They will have Rally Points and the ability to request kits from weapon caches.

Chechen Rebels We've redefined the former "Militia" as the "Chechen Rebels". Upgrades include new kit load outs for both spawn and requested kits, as well as their very own Chechen Flag

Kalashnikov Series Over the past few months the PR team has been expanding our Kalashnikov collection. There are five brand new Kalashnikov's for you to play with across multiple factions, each with many variants and additions! Read the rest...

Download Manual Here

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