Rise of Kobol Has Been Resurrected!

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The Rise of Kobol team has moved back to BF2 from BF2142 and have changed the name of the mod to Rise of Kobol II.

RoKII will combine all the elements in the game. There will be lots of fighters (Flying and Starships) like commanding Titans in 2142, however there will be a real need for for foot soldiers.

The game will include single player (bot) mode as well as co-op, we already have these elements working.

There will of course be a need for a lot more scripting for single player mode for cut scene and plot development, and a full version of that may take a lot longer than what you will find in the first public (beta) releases.

All of the ground maps will have areas that only the foot soldiers (Infantry) will be able to get to and either capture or destroy. That means no vehicles will be able to access the area you will have to dismount i.e NO TANKS or JEEPS.

Infantry will also be needed to fight in the corridors of the ships and either take or destroy critical ship systems. There will be 6 models of Cylons, 4 of which will be 'Robotic', they have BF2 kits at the moment, however these will change.

The Vipers and Raiders will have a hard time killing dismounted infantry as you only have 4 'dumb fire' rockets that will do area damage and kill troops out in the open.

You will have to put a 20mm round from the guns into them any other time to kill them, and with no splash damage on the guns it is very hard to shoot a moving target when they are doing the 'bob and weave'.

If you attempt to fly low and slow then you are going to become gun fodder for the enemy so good infantry will be essential to win a match.

Just a taster to wet the appetite. Be sure to check http://www.rokii.net/index.php for the latest updates.

The team over at RoKII expects to have a closed beta released sometime next weekend. If your interested head over to their site & post in the forums.

The RoK Team is in need of bf2 (refractor 2) scripters, a python programmer, 3d artist who understand kits and animators that understand the bf2 animations. They also need some one who can use the rfamaker.

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