Surreal - Ingame Finshed, but Major Problem!

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Published by lsmaster 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Surreal has said their in-game mod is finished! Good news huh, nope! There is a major problem.
Cheese here with a serious problem.
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As your probably aware, the above is ingame and finished, but, its got a major problem. If you attack the van with anything other than a handgun/machine gun it causes the game to crash. Hit it with another vehicle and the game crashes, however slightly, even if you just touch it. But if your in the van, you can ram anything else and it works fine, it will take damage as its meant to and will even blow up, showing the wreck model side works fine. If you can help out with this problem, or come across it before let me know asap. While I'm no expert, I'm not exactly a noob either, so all the basic stuff have been tried. Here's a link to the model file (Max 8) and another to the "ingame" file. which will let you add to your own mod to try it. I've also included a link to the Forum Thread where u can see whats been tried etc.
Model File, Ingame File, Forum Thread A new Internal Test build is all but ready, which includes all the land vehicles to date as well as a couple of custom maps. I'm just trying to get the above sorted out so I can release it.

Clans / Teams

Any Clans or Teams with there own servers wishing to help test Surreal should contact me directly.
So can any one help? Files are on the site, get to downloading.
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