Unlock BF2 Basic Awards (Guide)

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The SEU clan has sent us in a little guide on how to unlock weapons and get ranks. Check it out, [quote] hello there are many basic awards, we will explain to you how to get the basic badges and later we will release our guide for basic ribbons and medals 1-Awards for 10 kills in 1 round Use the class/kit and kill 10 times in one round,this doesnt mean you have to keep the kill/death diffrence =10,it is just 10 kills and you will be awarded: for example if you are assault then you need 10 kills to unlock Basic Assault Combat badge you can unlock by 10 kills in one round the badges below Basic Engineer Combat, Basic Anti tank Combat, Basic SpecOps Combat, Basic Medic Combat, Basic Support Combat, and Basic Sniper Combat. 2-Basic Awards for 10 kills or 15 min use. this simply is easy,u can just set in a vehicle or car and get it after 15 min (you need time only)..or kill 10 times using that weapon/vehicle you will be awarded Basic Air Defense = using Stinger Basic Ground Defense = using TOW/MG Basic Armor = Tank/APC Basic Aviator = using Plane/Jet Basic Helicopter = using Helicopter (E.G blackhawk) Basic Transport = using Hummer/Jeep/Car (E.G FAV) 3- Basic Awards for 7 kills in 1 round Basic Knife Combat = using Knife Basic Pistol Combat = using Pistol 4-Other Badges that u can be awarded A- 15 kills in one round Basic Explosive Ordinance = using C4/AT mine/Claymore B- 5 points for class/kit specialization (this is using your kit special tool to heal/support/fix to get it) Basic Engineer = using wernch (fix team vehicles) Basic First Aid = using MediKit (heal teamamtes) Basic Re-Supply = using Ammo Kit (supply teamamtes with ammo) Bounus Unlock : Purple Heart Medal: The Purple Heart is awarded to any member of the armed forces who has been killed in action with an opposing armed force of a foreign country. TO UNLOCK IT: get 20 Deaths and 5 kills in 1 round! be a vicitm by getting minmum of 5 kills and deaths 4x your kills 5-20 kills/deaths 6-24 kills/deaths 10-40 kills/deaths that is all for today http://www.seuclan.com [/quote] A nice guide for us all and a plug for their clan :P Everyone should be happy.
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