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Formatting may be lacking as a result. If this article is un-readable please report it so that we may fix it. recently interviewed two members of the US Intervention mod team.
^Slick: Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to the first DevFile text interview. We have Jarlief and SlayerDarkCross representing the USI project from Black Sand Studios today. They will be giving us an idea of what we can look forward to with their .15 mod release. ^Slick: What should we be looking forward to in the next release to USI? Jarleif: Artillery and tank countermeasures, they are some of the coolest things featured. We have also added mobile spawns to some vehicles. SlayerDarkCross: We have introduced 60+ new models to the game already, not to mention new maps and game modes. ^Slick: How have these affected the gameplay? Jarleif: If you remember in the first release attack helicopters could lock on to any tank. The tank driver had no hope of surviving against them. Even if he bailed the helicopters would nail him with rockets. The new countermeasure if used properly can save your life. It works a lot like the planes countermeasures and it can even break the lock of the missile after it has been fired ^Slick: Have you had trouble at all balancing any of these? Jarleif: Not yet...our newest AA needs a little more testing SlayerDarkCross: We have about 5 new classes of vehicles that balance out the gameplay. Many people will remember the problem the M2A2 Bradley caused with balancing we have the BMD-2 to counter it now. ^Slick: So, what about your maps? Jarleif: Almost all maps have been reworked including a few new maps. SlayerDarkCross: With BlackSandStudios we have introduced about 4-5 new gameplay modes each having their own tactics to prevail. With the old maps we have completely overhauled them visually and tactically. Jarleif: We are also including single-player support this time SlayerDarkCross: Yeah thanks to Jarleif those bots are quite deadly. ^Slick: Alot smarter then vanilla BF2 I presume? Jarleif: Yes... They seem to be... I was playing the other day and I was getting owned... Granted it was on its hardest difficulty. However there is only so much we can do... BF2 has its limitations. ^Slick: How would you compare this release to your last? SlayerDarkCross: This release of USI is no longer just throwing in a few different things into BF2. We have greatly changed the overall experience, giving you many more options available than just a few vehicles. We have lighter tanks such as the M551 using the Shillegiah missile also the Mig-25 and J-7 are making a return after being delayed from the first release. The new rocket systems are becoming more and more of a threat in our testing. In terms of game play we have added mobile spawn points to some of our vehicles making them a threat of bringing more resistance to your base. Read the other 60% of the interview at our forums Also, Don't forget to check out the screenshots below that USI sent us after the interview.
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