World At War Map Pack #1

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World at War (WaW) the Forgotten Hope 2 tournament has released 6 new maps, in their first FH2 map pack. These six maps are:

Chariot: The daring British raid converted from FH1 to FH2, this map features close infantry urban combat. mappack-chariot.jpg

Lebanon: A brand new map based of the area between the Litani River and the ancient city of Tyre. Features both urban combat and early tanks on rolling hills covered with farms and forests. mappack-lebanon.jpg

Messina: Another FH1 to Fh2 conversion, Messina's combat is based in the central vally with both armies rushing to control the only port. Hayfields, small forests and small villages dot this map. mappack-messina.jpg

Nile Delta: The second brand new map, features wide rivers, small forests and large fields. Makes for some great tank battles. mappack-niledelta.jpg

Oil Farm: The third FH1 to Fh2 converted map, features some armour, but most combat will be infantry based in the long tall grass of the hills and vallys. mappack-oilfarm.jpg

Scheldt Estuary: The last of the 6 maps and another conversion, this map has wide open plains with a ridge running the length of the map from East to West. Another great tanking map. mappack-scheldt.jpg

The download link to the client file is:


and the download to the server side file is:

These maps have been played and tested by the whole WaW community in a series of warm up "scrims" preparing for campaign 16, which is now 3/4 of the way through. Join on up for the last quarter and hopefully stay for following campaigns to come.

- World at War

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