WTF mod update

17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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An update and possible release date for V3.0 of the WTF mod. [quote]Hi everyone, and welcome to the first WTF mod update! Today I am glad to announce that version 3.0 of the WTF mod will be released sometime this weekend if everything goes according to planed. After the release, the next thing that will be done is not going to be a full new version of the mod, but an add-on that allows the player to use all the unlockable weapons for the kit that he/she is using. Of course the weapons will be modded WTF mod style ;) This add-on will not be required for the next version of the mod, it will be updated and made into a new and improved add-on after the next version is released. Note: The name "WTF mod" is not meant to insult anyone in anyway!! It simply refers to most of my friend's reactions when they first played the mod. I am also extremely happy to announce that ThaRigdog is becoming a co-developer of the WTF mod!! Please give him a thumbs-up for agreeing to help me (GenRommel) make the WTF mod a better mod for the community! To finish this update, here are a few screen shots for you WTF mod fans to feast your eyes on while you are waiting for the release. [/quote]

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