WTF Mod Update

17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Here is some news from GenRommel on the progress of the WTF mod. Please feel free to leave some ideas in the comments section. [quote]Hi All, Welcome another WTF mod update! Today I am going to show you some of the skins I have made. Unfortunately, ThaRigDog's skins are still in progress due to some technical difficulties. We would both like to put forward that we are running out of ideas for skins and everything else and would love to have your ideas incorporated into the mod if they are worthy! We need ideas for the following vehicles: MEC / PLA Heavy jeeps, all anti-aircraft, all aircraft, and the RIB. If you think of any skins, please post them right here, right now! Other skins we need ideas for are buildings, currently, moat buildings have pictures pasted on them, say "GenRommel" or "ThaRigDog" , or have an advertisement on them eg. "Starbucks: Make coffee not carnage!" If you can think up any more funny advertising slogans, or cool building skins please post them below. other than the lack of ideas, the mod is progressing smoothly. As of yet, we can not release a release date for the mod. Doing such would only increase pressure on the modding team, thus potentially decreasing the quality of the mod. [/quote]

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