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Audio Exclusive Interview With The Battle For Supremacy Devs

This is another exclusive interview. This time, AndrewD and Big_Daddy conducted an open interview with the Battlefield 2 mo...


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Audio Community Chat

After our excellent interview with the Battle For Supremacy devs, we recorded a discussion on the week's events in the Battlefield communit...


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Audio Community BF2 Q&A With BigDaddy and Guderian From DCX

Last night nearly 50 community members showed up to our BF2 Teamspeak server to ask questions of Big_Daddy and Guderian from the DCX/Rising...


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Audio BattlefieldHouse by TR Blunt

Here's some nice music by T_Blunt™ that you may want to dance to.


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Audio BattlefieldHouse by TR_Blunt (Updated)

Here's the updated version of TR_Blunt™'s Battlefield 2 music. I've also compiled a .bik version of the music for those of you who would lik...


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Audio John Mullins - Strike at Karkand

If you like comical audio pertainting to Battlefield2 then you'll enjoy this. This features John Mullins from Soldier of Fortune II and lit...


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Audio John Mullins - Strike at Karkand 2

Some time ago there was a "John Mullins - Strike at Karkand" audio file posted. Here MrGimp presents us with his version 2 of the file. Ch...


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Audio BF2 Intro Movie

So I love the intro movie music, so I took that file and sent it to a friend; He converted it to a .wav file. Take note, it still has all th...


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Audio Battlefield 2 First Person View

Here's a nice thirty-two minute audio file by It features mixed music that goes along with Battlefield 2. Check it out soldiers!


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Audio Ancolius - Theme Background Music

Because DJ Ridoo, who is celebrating his 21st birthday today, congratulations, revamped our old main background theme music into a much bett...


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Audio Ancolius - The Loading Screen Background Music

Next to the revamped background music DJ Ridoo also produced a background music for the loading screen, so that loading times pass by with j...