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All Files In Battlefield 2 Conquest
Conquest Strike Maker

Take control of your enemy in Strike Maker. Fight for your life through intense battles in this urban city titled Strike Maker. What will be...


Conquest Berlin

Rodolfo has updated his remake of the famous Battlefield 1942 map Berlin. Fight through intensive battles in this wonderful recreation of a...


Conquest Hamburger Hill 2005

Mr.Burns has updated his Hamburger Hill map which is an infantry based map with not many vehicles. You can fight your way through the marshl...


Conquest Nations at War - Dalian Plant 2 (Arctic)

Dalian Plant 2 is a new arctic N.A.W map designed by CatBox. You can expect more arctic maps from CatBox including Wake Island. All the N.A....


Conquest Berlin

Rodolfo has fixed a bug in his remake of the famous Battlefield 1942 map Berlin. Fight through intensive battles in this wonderful recreatio...


Conquest AlexRoyce Forest

This is the first Battlefield 2 custom map to be posted around. A nice, open map with lots of room to move around.


Conquest Jungle Stream

This latest map has a very good 'jungle' feel to it. Complete with a crashsite in the middle, this map is really well put together.


Conquest Al Khafji Docks

This is a remake of the very popular Desert Combat map of the same name. Very nice considering the limitations so far without any mods.


Conquest Assault On Singalese

The USMC recently moved a small garrison onto the island of Singalese, near the Sri Lankan Islands, to detect and pass on MEC communications...


Conquest TGH Floater

This oddly named map has lots of vehicles and open space to do what you wish. Although it looks like a plain map, it's quite good for a fir...


Conquest Bombardment

This latest custom map looks to be extremely well done with a very addictive map layout.


Conquest BlackHawk Hunt

This map stays true to it's name with several BlackHawk helicopters in the hunt on a nicely made map.


Conquest Highway

This map is based around, yep, a highway. Its got a bit of everything: choppers, tall cranes, urban areas, long grass.


Conquest Factory War

This looks like a nice map. Its twilight and in a semi-urban environment. See the readme for the story.


Conquest Carwar Map

Welcome to The Dirt Hill Arena. A drive'n'shoot action map. Expect no realistic, life-like theater of war - this is more like a (deadly) war...


Conquest Medina City

This is a specatcular looking city map with great attention paid to detail. With several strategically located spawn points this map really...


Conquest Uluwatu

"U.S Marines who moved their troops into a little island near Uluwatu are preparing an assault of the beach in the afternoon. The small Chin...


Conquest Liberation of Cheju Haehyop

Here's a nice infantry map for those who like to fight on the ground.


Conquest Furious and Mental

This map is by Ga-Knomboe Boy. It is a very, very, large map. The map is focused on land vehicles, in particular, armour....


Conquest Al Qud

Al Qud is a map following a Strike at Karkand theme. It looks like a fun map, so get downloading!


Conquest Army Base

This map is based on one from the ill-fated, buggy Soldner: Secret Wars game. Check it out. Its much better for BF2.


Conquest Iraqi Desert

A checkpoint in between 2 similar bases. Some hills have been added and other little bugs have been fixed.


Conquest Sandstorm

Here's a nice, rather large, custom Battlefield 2 Map.


Conquest Iraqi Desert

Here's a Battlefield 2 Custom map in the Iraqi desert.