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Conquest Oki Islands

oki Islands is a little map. The Americans and the Mec forces have to attack the bigger Island from a little Island. You cant juse the artil...


Conquest Operation Black Lotus

During the recent battles between the US Marine Corp and Chinese forces it has come to the attention of the US that China was working on a b...


Conquest Mountain City

Mountain City is a Battlefield 2 custom map by Sniperhanz


Conquest Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach is another Battlefield 2 custom map made by Sniperhanz.


Conquest Crash N Burn

Here's a nice little stunt map by Sir. Karate. There's lots of jumps and hills to do your stunting on.


Conquest Kaos BF2 Map

Here's another map made by Sir. Karate. Have a look!


Conquest El Alamein XXL

Long years after the extremly hard fighting between the British and Germans at El Alamein, there are the beginnings of a new conflict at the...


Conquest Sands of Sinai

After Egypt joined the MEC, and opened another front, Israel requested US Help. It arrived in the form of the 2nd Tank Battalion of the 2nd...


Conquest Rolling Thunder

After long battles in this desert, the US made it to a primary target, although the MEC is preparing the defence. The endless sand is a wide...


Conquest Knife Arena

A request from a Clan brought me to build a small Knife/Pistol Map in a couple of hours! It is very good for 1on1 or 2on2. A flag has been i...


Conquest Lane Way

This Battlefield 2 custom map is a nice "urban jungle" I guess is what you could call it. Make your way through the tall grass to capture th...


Conquest Paqur City Centre

Paqur City Centre looks like a nice urban map with a lot of detail put into it.


Conquest Valley of Violence

Final Release of Valley of Violence, a violent and fierce battle amongst a jungle surrounded by mountains.


Conquest BF1918 Gulf of Oman - Airshow

Pacman has added COOP support to BF1918's Airshow release.


Conquest The Yangali Islands

China needs resources. In particular, they need oil. This is to support their exponentially growing car market. They believe they can not re...


Conquest AFD Xan Chi Pass

The map is designed for primarily Infantry style of play, with the addition of light armour and helicopters. The map is excellent for 16, or...


Conquest Berlin

Rodolfo has made a Berlin map for Battlefield 2! Resembling the Battlefield 1942 version as closely as possible, you will fight intense batt...


Conquest Eslamashar

Eslamashar is a rather large, well done map by Ðarth Maul. The details put into it are very nice, so be sure to check it out!


Conquest Volgograd 2010

This map is a remake of the BF1942 map Stalingrad. It has been remade by me for BF2, so it has some differences to fit in with the BF2 game,...


Conquest Maszarqi Siege

Maszarqi Siege created by [email protected]


Conquest Racers Stunt 2

Here's another stunt map made by Sir. Karate.


Conquest Winter Wake Island

In a surprise move, forces of the People's Liberation Army have attacked and captured Wake Island in a bid to threaten MEC lines of supply....


Conquest Daqing Oilfields

uberduck13 presents us with a new version of the Daqing Oilfields map.


Conquest Tour de Mountain

this is a very nicely done map for the people that like to mess around, racing around and just having fun :)