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Video Gameplay Video

Battlefield 2 Gameplay video from 15 minutes long and well worth it.


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Video 1st Person Footage Video

A first person video showing footage from BF2. This is actual gameplay action! Check out the screenshots and then check out the video. It...


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Video Gameplay Hi-res

Official BF2 gameplay video from EA in Hi-res.


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Video Gameplay Video Lo-res

Official EA BF2 Gameplay video Lo-res


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Video Gameplay Video

In part one of our Hands on Battlefield 2 Preview we covered the relationship of the opposing Infantryunits. We also covered some of the new...


Video Wetlands Video Lo-Res

The latest Battlefield 2 promotional video showing off the wetland.


Video Wetlands Video Hi-Res

Hi-Res Version of the Battlefield 2 promo video of the Wetlands!


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Video 100 Seconds

The =HIT= Squad Clan has created a video during their scrimmage with the Old Bastards Clan. It was an actual scrimmage which took place on F...


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Video Interview With Battlefield 2 Executive Producer Scott Evans

The latest interview from EA with Battlefield 2 Executive Producer, Scott Evans.


Video Helo Gameplay Video

The latest Battlefield 2 gameplay video from EA.


Video Battlefield 2 Ground Combat Video

New Ground Combat Video This all new Battlefield 2 ground combat video displays a variety of just that, ground combat.


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Video Battle for Supremacy Trailer 2

Tunanater from BfS has made an awesome video for the public to see. It contains a lot of screens of our models, real life video footage and...


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Video Trailer High-Res

The latest Battlefield 2 trailer from BF-Con '05. This is definately worth the download!


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Video BF-Con '05 Footage

Footage of a presentation of Battlefield by Jamil Dawsari and Dirk Schülgen detailing the history of the game and showing off some of the fe...


Video The Loop Trailer

A new BF2 trailer from EA showing off all sorts of gameplay!


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Video March Gameplay Video Lo-Res

A Lo-Res version of the March 2005 Battlefield 2 Gameplay video.


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Video March 2005 BF2 Gameplay Video Hi-Res

Hi-Res version of the Battlefield 2 March 2005 Gameplay video.


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Video April 2005 BF2 Video

The April 2005 video from the Battlefield monthly newsletter.


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Video Battlefield 2 in Real Life - Chapter 1: The Classes (Part A)

In this video, seven members of Smokebomb poke fun at the seven different classes in the popular computer game, Battlefield 2. It can be th...


Video Battlefield 2 Hi-Res Video

An incredible new video for Battlefield 2 that shows the Chinese forces attacking a US base. The quality on this video is stunning and is a...


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Video Arena51 BF2 Video

We have another Battlefield 2 gameplay video from a team called Arena 51. The commentators speak a foreign language (it's nothing I recogn...


Video Test Lab video

Here is a nice video of Terry Barwegen, EA's Senior QA Manager for Battlefield 2 giving you a tour inside EA's BF2 test lab. This give you a...


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Video Familiar Faces

We are presented with the =HIT= Squad Clan's "Familiar Faces" video. Enjoy! I'd like to present to the Battlefield 2 Files the vide...


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Video Oman Antics

This is kinda a stunt movie, It is just us playing around on the demo and recording it. Lone had some pretty cool tricks so we slapped those...