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Utilities BF2 Pro

BF2Pro has been updated from v1.0 to v1.2. Please see the changelog below.


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Utilities BF2 Statistics

This program gives a un-ranked server the ability to have their own ranking system. This is a must for any server that wants to be ranked.


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Utilities Battle Field 2142 No Intro Fix

This will make 2142 not show the videos on start up


Utilities BattleField 2 - Browser Force Paste Tool

This tool helps you paste text into the BF2 server browser. This program was made specifically for bf2, of course you can still use it fo...


Utilities Mod Wizard

You know when you wanna load a mod and it shows the mod name, an icon, description, and a website for each mod you have? If you're making...


Utilities BF2 BattleStats

This nice little tool will pull your stats from Battlefield 2 and display them right on your computer.


Utilities BF2 Movie Disabler

This is quite a nice new tool that's used to disable all of the movies in Battlefield 2 just incase you're one of the many people who want t...


Utilities BF2 AI Settings Tool V1.2

This is a neat little tool used to alter your AI settings for Battlefield 2. The clean interface makes it a must have for any SP BF2 player...


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Utilities BF2 V1.02 Custom ASE Filters

This is the Fan-updated/created All Seeing Eye filter list. This filter list was the result of another fans wanting an ASE program that c...


Utilities BF2 Text Font

A Photoshop file including the bf2 font style, so that you can make the text whatever you want in bf2 style.


Utilities ForcePaste

Heres the newest version of the very handy ForcePaste tool which is really useful for pasting IP's into the server browser. Fixes: -Sw...


Utilities BF2 AutoLoader (server browsing)

This is an ultra cool server browser which is probably the best replacement for EA's in game server which isn't that great (to be vague.)...


Utilities BF2 Mod Editor Beta

The BF2 Editor is here!!!! There's no read me, but I'm sure all you Mod teams out there know exactly what to do with this baby. I'm expect...


Utilities BF2 Mod Tutorials

These 'straight from EA' comprehensive tutorials cover almost all aspects of making maps and mods. There are eight in total complete with p...


Utilities BF2 Editor Lightmap Samples

For those of you wanting to generate lightmaps for maps using the retail version of Battlefield 2 objects, you will need the LightmapSamples...


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Utilities BF2 Heightmap Generator

Digital_Assassin from the Russian Assault mod has publicly released a heightmap generator for BF2.


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Utilities BF2 Editor Gmax Plug-ins 1.0b

EA has just released the Gmax tool plug-ins for the BF2 editor. This is mostly used and needed by modders.


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Utilities Tutorial: BF2 Layers

The folks over at Prolific Games, makers of the Shattered Faith mod, gave us this tutorial on how to make layered textures in the BF2 Editor...


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Utilities BF2 Stat Retriever v1.5

Battlefield Stats Retriever is Windows based Battlefield 2 stats program that retrieves a players stats from the official BF2 stats server....


Utilities Battlefield 2 editor helper

This is a zipped up file of loads of JPEGS for all the objects in the BF2 editor which should be really handy. But i'm afraid I don't know...


Utilities BF2 Auto Map Downloader Client

BFDL is a program that will automaticly download the custom map that a server is running and then automaticly launch the game and connect to...


Utilities BF2 Auto Map Downloader Windows Server

BFDL is a program that will automaticly download the custom map that a server is running and then automaticly launch the game and connect to...


Utilities BF2 Auto Map Downloader Client

New key-features: * Works on linux-servers, the server doesn't need any extra program. Fileserver-information is configured in the normal...


Utilities Moongamers Quicklauncher (BF, BF2, CS:S, DoD, and CoD2)

Fury Ous has created a nice little server launcher utility for the following games: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Counter Strike: Source,...