999 Ammo

kabooom.rar —


In this mod you get to have 999 amount off ammo and 999 clips in most guns but this will only work for guns it does not work for tanks or anything like that, and will only play the following maps: Dalian Plant and Strike at Karkand. This is my first mod so please be generous. :D Thank-you.

All the rest of the information is in the README including how to launch this mod.



To play this mod you must extract it to your mods folder, default location: C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2mods

Now to open this mod you must open Battlefield 2, then go to Community>Custom Games, and look for "KABOOOM" then click "Activate," and it should luanch. Mod created by: athieboy.

Please be generous because this is my first mod ever, and please do not post this mod on a different website and take credit for it.

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