AAS and SD Gametypes mod

This mod adds two new game types. AAS (Advance and Secure) and SD (Search and Destroy).


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File Description

This mod adds two new game types. AAS (Advance and Secure) and SD (Search and Destroy).

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Download 'aas_sd_gametype.zip' (17KB)

Combined landot AAS and MenDAKE's Seach and Destroy game types

For BF2, Special Forces, Euroforce and Armored Fury

Version 0.1 beta


This mod is in beta. Please send suggestions or problems to mendake_ddude@yahoo.com.


This mod contains two game modes: Advance and Secure (AAS) and 
Search and Destroy (SD). AAS requires flags 
to be captured in succession, concentrating the action on one or 
two flags at a time. Search and Destroy (created by MenDAKE) is 
an objective based game where one team must defend their strategic 
objectives (i.e. Radar, UAV, Artillery) and the other must destroy them.

These modes can be played on their own, or in combination.
When played in combination each round alternates between AAS and SD. The 
team that wins the AAS game will autmoatically be the SD attackers in the 
next round.

Server Setup

When combining game types the server must be set to exactly two rounds per map.  


This game type is meant to overwrite the normal BF2 game type. Simply 
overwrite the gpm_sq.py file in <you game directory>bf2\mods\python\gamemodes.
You probably want to keep a back up of the original.

For more information see the source code.


The awesome AAS game type was created by santala and upgraded by me (MenDAKE) 
to support all 32 and 64 player maps in BF2 and all expansion. 

The SD game type was created by me.

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