aberdeen.zip —


As the MEC continues its conquest of Africa, the US is planning on counter attacking at Aberdeen. Each side is using armor as the spearhead of its attack, so a fierce tank battle is expected, under the hot North African sun.



to install unzip and put the folder "Aberdeen" into the "/programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/(mod)/levels/ folder.

to uninstall delete the folder "Aberdeen"


5 years ago

This is one of the first custom maps I ever played once I'd got fed up of the vanilla maps way back in 2005. I had difficulty with frame rates initially due to an antiquated computer, but once I'd upgraded to an i7 and a decent graphics card (pre GTX  cards), this map rocked.  Brilliant and a must have for any BF2 fan. To Iamtheheadhunter. I've played most of your maps and they are amongst the best around barring The dark888's, which are as good as yours.  :)